What Are The Main Causes of Water Damage?

Here at The Cleanup Doctors, we’ve seen all sorts of causes of water damage in people’s homes. The damage can range from as small as one room being flooded to an entire house nearly being destroyed by something as devastating as a tropical storm. The key to dealing with flood damage is to address the situation immediately and get professional help as fast as you can. When you sit on your hands and become indecisive, the damage starts to set in and makes your situation much, much worse. We’ve seen countless cases where people weren’t present during the time the water was invading. By the time they arrive and notice the damage, the water has become stagnant and dangerous. 

Here are the top causes of water damaging a home that homeowners should be aware of:

Roof Leaks

Replacing a roof can be very expensive. However, it is something every homeowner will have to face if they plan on living in their home for a long time. Typically, when we see roof damage, it’s because the roof is just old and has normal wear from weather conditions. Leaks develop slowly in these cases. Then there’s also the situation where a foreign object has pierced the roof, such as a fallen branch or even a lightening strike. In these cases, the leak introduces itself almost immediately the next time it rains hard. Wood shingle roofs need to be replaced every 20-25 years. Rock roofs replaced every 12-15 years. For metal roofs, not until the 50-75 year mark. 

Water damage from flood in the basementStorm Damage

This is the most severe of the water damage causes. For homes that have been hit by tropical storms or hurricanes, most have had to endure some type of water damage. Some homes even become total losses, due to the damage being so immense. Take for example Hurricane Katrina. Almost every home in her path was damaged with flood water from the massive storm surge. This type of water also tends to be incredibly unsanitary, because it takes awhile for the water to recede. That stagnant water is also very widespread, so it is picking up bacteria from sewage systems and drains. This makes it the most costly and devastating of the water damage events. 

Broken Pipes

Broken pipes that lead to water damage can be incredibly frustrating situations. Oftentimes, the pipe is in a very hard to reach space. Sometimes the pipe isn’t severely busted, but there is still leaking. That means the damage develops slowly, and maybe even in a place that is very unnoticeable. You can imagine that the damage sets in slowly, and spreading quite wide. This is the type of water event that leads to mold the most often. A pipe breaks behind a wall, and leaks water slowly into the insulation and drywall. It isn’t noticed until spots develop in the walls or ceiling. Now you see you have a big problem, and it’s time to call a disaster cleanup company. 

Faulty Appliance

This is one of the most common causes of water damage. It’s also usually the one that causes the least amount of damage. This is because in most cases, the appliance is located in a single room and is being used while someone is present in the home. Now, that’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s a water heater that starts to leak, and it’s located in the attic. Or, it’s a washing machine in the basement that overflowed. This can result in not only needing a property restoration and cleaning company to clean up the water, but also an appliance repair company to fix the appliance. 

Overflowing Toilets/Sinks

It happens all the time. A toilet becomes clogged and the next time it is flushed, the person walks away unaware of what’s taking place. The water comes out fast and goes everywhere. This type of floodwater is incredibly dangerous if it’s allowed to sit for too long. It is loaded with all types of nasty bacteria and even pathogens. It is vital that you don’t attempt to clean up this type of water by yourself. Get a professional involved who is trained in proper procedure when it comes to cleaning up dangerous flood water. Sinks are another culprit, although the damage tends to be minimal. This is because more often than not, someone is home to notice that the sink is overflowing. 

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