Water Damage Restoration

Flooded basement with category 3 water contamination

It is almost an inevitable fact of homeowner life – at some point, you’re going to experience the annoyance and aggravation of having some sort of flood situation in your house. Whether it’s from a leaking water heater, a burst pipe, a sump pump that decides to stop working, or an over-flowing toilet, the end result is still money out of pocket as well as some major headaches. In this post we will discuss some of things you can expect to face, not if, but when this happens to you.

Flooded Basement - Cleanup DoctorsThere is much more to the water damage restoration process than just removing water and cleaning up. A much more comprehensive procedure needs to take place, and it takes a team of highly trained professionals with the proper certification to ensure that it’s done right. After the cleanup process, there is always the arduous task of drying the property fully so that mold cannot grow, but that’s no insurance against the prospect of future mold growth. It is much more likely to happen after some sort of flood event. Rust, compromised support columns, and disintegrating drywall are also potentially major issues that have to be dealt with, and the sooner they’re addressed, the more likely they are to be salvaged, saving the homeowner a large chunk of change.

The Three Levels of Liquid Contamination

1.) Category One: clean and sterile liquids that pose no threat immediately, but that can also very quickly deteriorate into category two.

2.) Category Two: this would be referred commonly to as grey water, which has moderate levels of contaminates, but could still get someone sick if it happens to be ingested. Dishwasher and washing machine liquid that happens to overflow would be perfect examples of this type of water.

3.) Category Three: this would be water that has heavy amounts of contaminates, and could result in serious illness or even death. Toilet water laden with excrement, sewage, or water that has been left untouched for quite some time that is teeming with bacteria.

No matter what level the contamination is, it’s most important to remember how quickly it can become dangerous in enclosed living environments. Don’t delay in seeking professional cleanup and water restoration assistance. It can be the difference between a few hundred dollars to several tens of thousands.


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