The Importance of Proper Mold Testing

When it comes to testing for mold, there are very important steps that have to be taken to ensure that all potentially contaminated areas aren’t overlooked, and that the proper measurements and assessments are undertaken so that no stone remains unturned. All it takes is one small oversight, and any remediation can be completely negated once it starts to spread again throughout the property.

We must implicitly state for the record that it is highly ill-advised to purchase a do-it-yourself (DIY) mold test kit and have total confidence in its readings. These types of kits are completely unreliable. It is difficult enough for a trained professional with all of the experience and tools at his disposal to get a reliable reading, let alone trusting a DIY kit. There are just too many factors at work in a typical contamination situation for someone without years of knowledge under his belt to properly gauge the severity of a given situation.

These are just some of the factors that need to be taken into consideration when inspecting and testing:

• Dynamics of the structure or property

• Inconspicuous mold that may be hiding

• Past damage the dwelling may have endured

• Techniques and special equipment for sampling

• Environmental conditions

• Building materials

You see, almost all indoor environments have spores present, but they’re usually not a problem UNLESS there are other growth factors involved. Unless professional chemical testing of the samples takes place, the DIY kit will only entice confusion because it will be assumed there is contamination when the severity remains unknown. And if there is enough moisture present in the environment, from leaks for example, then mold can grow in or on almost any material.

Cleanup Doctor looking for potential mold contaminationThere are different types of inspections for mold. There are true inspections, and then there are assessments. An assessment is what would typically be recommended immediately after some type of water damage event, where a professional comes in a basically puts trained eyes in all the right places, performing a detailed visual inspection of mold growth. He’ll be able to ascertain whether there is contamination present, and whether air quality testing is warranted. If there is water damage that has gone unmitigated for a period of time, then a proper inspection must be performed by trained professionals. There is most like hidden water damage, and the end result is usually that remediation must be performed.

In a nutshell, there just too many factors at play for a weekend warrior to perform a proper inspection. Microbiology, structural engineering, and even chemistry are several of the must-knows that keep the amateurs from being able to be well-informed enough. The Cleanup Doctors have decades of combined experience and can give you the confidence you need in a job of this scale and importance. Give us a call today to schedule your inspection.


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