Structural Dehumidification

Structural dehumidifying is one of the most crucial steps to take in the water damage restoration process, because it is the key to preventing microbial and dangerous mold growth once the water settles into the more porous building surfaces such as drywall, carpeting, insulation, and baseboards.  And it’s not just after some sort of flood situation that you should worry. Basements are notorious for having a poor air quality environment, especially if the humidity is greater than 50 percent. This can result in respiratory problems. The team that you choose to perform this important task must be extremely well trained in proper drying techniques and must also possess the right equipment that can get the job done. One of the reasons for needing to choose the right professionals is the likelihood that there will be moisture hiding in very inconspicuous places that are hard to find, and also difficult to reach. 

 Air movers and dehumidifiers at workAmong the tools to help dry a property are refrigerants, dehumidifiers, heat, chillers, air scrubbers, infrared cameras, and hygrometers. However, the most common and essential tool – not to mention the most identifiable – is the floor dehumidifier. The most popular among these is the refrigeration type, which basically works by drawing in the moist air over a refrigerated coil and fan that condenses and separates the water molecules from the air. The newly dehumidified air is now reheated and then released back into the environment. 

When a restoration team enters your home or business, it is important that they follow the protocols they’ve set forth in advance. They should have a plan of action for drying the structure and your valuables. They will need to assess the indoor and outdoor environment, moisture levels, humidity, square footage, building conditions and construction materials. These all impact the rate and effectiveness of the drying process. The infrared cameras and hygrometers will help the technicians see any moisture hiding behind walls or hard to reach places. While the dehumidifiers are working on separating the moisture from the chilled air, large air movers will keep the air circulating around the room to keep re-feeding air into the dehumidifers.


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