Repairing a Water Damaged Floor Surface

Wood floors are a fantastic choice for condo flooring. Not only do they appear suitable, they are easy to care for, resist damage and they are even environmentally friendly. Having said that, wooden flooring does have 1 draw back, it cannot resist long term direct exposure to water, so if h2o is permitted to stay on a hardwood floor the hardwood will certainly be damaged (either dyed or distorted). Depending on the quantity of water and for how long it’s stagnated on the hardwood, the damages could be as minor as a small blemish or so terrible you will actually have to switch out some panels. Having said that, just before you get involved in changing panels, here’s a few tips on how anyone can fix water wrecked hardwood floors. If you need professional help, contact The Cleanup Doctors

Water Damaged Floor

Start by dehumidifying the floor

If the flood water is only a mess from an individual’s water-logged boots or a leakage in the kitchen, first mop up the water then dehumidify the flooring as well you can. A ventilator or a hair dryer on a low setting will really help dry both the covering and the subfloor underneath the hard wood. If you get access to the floor from underneath, applying warmth from underneath will likewise serve to help dry both the sub floor and the wood.

Removing water stains

If your hardwood floor dries out with a white misty layer on the surface you might remove it utilizing a soft cotton cloth and a very moderate abrasive like tooth paste, polishing compound or even cigar ashes combined with mineral oil. Gently rub the discolored spot until the film is removed. Nevertheless hardwood often dries out with a remarkably noticeable dark stain. In some cases the discoloration is just external, (however it could go all the way through the plank in which case the stained board will have to be changed).

Eliminating a black surface blemish is a three step procedure

Define your work area with craftsman’s tape then remove the exterior polish starting with 60 or eighty grit sand paper and concluding with one hundred-twenty grit. Then, mix C2H2O4 acid crystals (provided at Lowes or hardware stores) with lukewarm water, then thoroughly wipe the concoction onto the tarnished area. Permit the fluid to completely dry and if the spot is still present, duplicate the treatment. (The oxalic acid solution serves as a chlorine bleach to take out the dark stain, however if the spot remains after repetitive treatments your panel is completely stained and will have to be replaced).Finally, refinish the spot using wood paint to complement the floor surface then secure the fixed area with plastic.

Compressing distorted planks

A marginally distorted hard wood board can normally be compressed out by positioning anything weighty on it for a few days up until the panel gives up its tendency to warp. More severely distorted panels may be compressed employing a heavier object or your other alternative is to pound the edge downward, counter pushing the nail heads then filling the holes with exact color-matching wood caulk or a color pen. If employing weight or face hammering cannot eliminate the deformity, you will have to remove and change the ruined boards.

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