How To Find The Best Water Damage Repair In San Diego

In order to find the best water damage repair in San Diego, there are several factors that have to be taken into consideration. Obviously, you’re going to be hiring a professional water damage restoration company. Whichever company you decide to hire should meet several qualifications. The Cleanup Doctors are going to discuss those qualifications in this brief article. 

Qualifications to Look for in Property Restoration Contractor

  • High Customer Ratings

We live in an era where everything can be found online, and that includes the reputations of potential companies for hire. You should screen the contractors you are considering by making sure they have overall positive customer feedback. Notice we didn’t say all the feedback has to be perfect. Having flood damage can be a very high-stress, emotionally charged event. This can create unwanted friction at times between the customer and the professional hired to clean up the water. In certain cases, negative reviews can surface because someone is just upset about their circumstances, and they’re taking it out on the contractor. If more than 20 percent of the reviews of a contractor are negative, this usually means there’s a trend developing. You may want to move on to the next option. 

  • Up-to-Date Equipment

Removing water from a homeThis is an often overlooked aspect of the water damage contractor hiring process. Many companies are in fact just one guy with a van. They bought a franchise and are self-funding. This oftentimes leads to poor cash management. Poor cash management means that eventually, they won’t have the funds to update their cleaning and extracting equipment. These machines are worked very hard, and have to endure a lot of stress. If they aren’t consistently maintained and updated, you’re going to get stuck with a subpar disaster cleanup job. The right company to hire will have spare equipment they can put to use in case their primary unit becomes faulty. This is simply a sign of professionalism, and while not required, it is definitely recommended. 

  • They Offer Free Consultations

Any truly professional water damage contractor will want to earn your business. They usually show that by offering to come to your property to assess the damage and determine what needs to be done to clean up the mess. The best part about this visit? It’s FREE!! It is up to the contractor to be transparent and honest during this inspection so that he can bring you on as a client. It’s important for you as the customer to make the determination on who you’re going to hire as quickly as possible. Afterall, the water is still sitting there where it shouldn’t be. It’s getting more stagnant by the minute, and seeping deeper into the building materials. The longer you wait, the more expensive the extraction and remediation stages will be. Click here for more information on this. 

  • They Help With Submitting Insurance Claims

As if having storm damage or a burst pipe leaking water all over your home wasn’t terrible enough, you also have to deal with the insurance company. What is covered? What will they deny? Much of this has to do with how the claim was submitted, and whether or not all the key elements were addressed. A seasoned and experienced water damage repair company in San Diego will usually offer helping with the insurance claims as part of their menu of services. This takes a lot of stress off the homeowner. It also helps to get the repair money much more quickly than you would if you handled it yourself. 

Get the help you need as quickly as possible, while at the same time referring to these points we just covered. They will help you in securing a good agreement with a reputable water damage contractor. Most of the people in this business are honest and hardworking, although there are some bad apples here and there. This list is in no way complete, but these are points worth paying the most attention to. 


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