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It can be very tough to find a reliable mold remediation business in Pasadena, CA. However, The Cleanup Doctors are definitely the exception. All you need to do is give us a call right now to start your free property damage analysis today.

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Our many years of market leading experience grants us a significant advantage. Plus, the fact that we only use the most current technology and instruments makes it easy to notice why we are so highly-ranked.

When executing their work to assure the job is carried out at the highest level, our partners follow very strict protocols. This is what guides their work and keeps the costs of the service so low. Without a plan, extra hours are billed and customers are charged excessive fees that can be avoided. 

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We deal with all issues, from water damage repair to smoke and mold remediation. That means you never need to employ another contractor to handle your property rehabilitation needs. Mold spreads fast, so you must call today.

We Have a Broad Selection of Services for Water Damage and Mold Remediation in Pasadena, CA

Time might be your friend or your adversary when treating mold. Waiting to do something about it only makes the issue more unsafe and expensive. Any time you have mold in your home, it becomes more crucial to closely observe the overall health of all the residents.

Initiating your free mold assessment from The Cleanup Doctors in a prompt manner will save you lots of dollars. Following your up-front analysis, we can move in the direction of laying out a plan of action to tackle the mold and eliminate it.

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Being educated as to how black mold contamination takes place is imperative when it comes down to removing it. With that in mind, here are some essential facts about mold growth and contamination.

An Intro to Black Mold Contamination

Please note: mold spores are in reality in the atmosphere all around us 24 hours per day. The four requirements that mold needs to have to grow and spread are: air, warmness, water source and organic materials to feed upon.

If you want to keep mold from getting out of control, moisture levels definitely must be supervised and maintained as low as feasible. This is the most valuable remedy. As soon as you've identified the leakage, it's time to fix the issue and then eliminate the moisture from the area.

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Let's walk through the mold removal and removal process.

1.) Become Knowledgable About Moisture

In addition to recognizable contamination on walls, so much more exists to a comprehensive mold analysis. Mold often tends to be a covert enemy, hiding behind the scenes where it is tough to catch. Anytime you have mold proliferation, you also have a moisture problem. Knowing where the water is coming from is key to detecting all hidden mold.

2.) Record What is Found and Design a Course of Action

Just before starting the remediation operations, you should document all findings in as much detail as possible. A warranty crew officer should then utilize reported documentation to establish the remediation agenda, which includes beginning and conclusion times, testing to be accomplished, which firm will be carrying out the work, and finally if the occupants of the dwelling need to be moved during the course of the operations.

The system accomplishes the task of safeguarding the homeowner from an improperly planned job, as well shielding the business performing the work from any potential liability.

3.) Identify the Degree of the Contamination

Proper reasoning must similarly be used in deciding on the square footage of mold damage, along with whether the mold is distributing in the HVAC system.

4.) Remediation Techniques

This is where all mold is extracted and contaminated building material is thrown away, while also making sure workers are not exposed to any harmful spores. Taking care of the wet condition that brought about the mold growth is primary in this step.

During this step, we need to decide on the square footage of the contaminated area so we know which level of remediation is needed. Without going into great detail, there are many procedures that must take place for there to be a thorough remediation procedure. 

This involves dealing with the wetness problem, quarantining the space, cleaning, and drying. If additional mold is found during the course of the remediation process, the system will need to be revised.

Checking for hidden water damage
Inspecting for hidden mold contamination
One of our partners on water removal jobsite

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Look, locating a suitable mold remediation company can be exhausting. There are a number of providers that try to rip-off either the consumer or the insurance company.

That's definitely not the situation with The Cleanup Doctors, as we're more interested in overseeing an authentic organization and sustaining our track record for quality. Our primary concern is to generate delighted customers. We're mindful that if that to have thrilled clients, we need to outwork our competition so as to be distinct.

Time is essential. The longer you delay, the more critical the damage and the more costly the clean-up becomes. With our recognition for perfection and our attention to detail, you do not need to worry about your problem any longer.

The health and well-being of both yourself and the people you live with are at risk the longer you wait. Get the water removed and the mold cleaned up without delay. 

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