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When it comes to mold remediation and water damage restoration in Folsom, CA, The Cleanup Doctors is the top choice. Whether you have residential or commercial property damage, you can completely rely on our skills and expertise to get the job done flawlessly. Our many years in the water damage business is one of our biggest advantages. We use state of the art equipment in mold remediation and water damage repair.

Here’s Why You Can Trust Us in Cleaning-up Your Property in Folsom, CA

For every water damage repair job, our top priority is to restore the condition of the property before it was damaged. The Cleanup Doctors is well-equipped to take care of water damages and mold problems. The destruction caused by water damage, if left unattended for far too long, can cause a lot of negative consequences, health issues among them. Flooding happens everywhere. When flood does happen, you want to make sure that you have a reliable team who can help you eliminate the moisture in your home or commercial space.

Broken pipe causing a flood

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee in Folsom, CA Water Damage Restoration

If you leave your flooded homes, buildings or offices unattended for a long time, biological contaminants will proliferate quickly, making it a lot harder and more expensive to remediate. The underlying cause of the water damage may not just be a simple leaking pipe and may require a more extensive assessment. We are very meticulous in performing our job because we know that damage to your property is not the only thing we will be dealing with. As time goes by, the cost of flood cleanup increases. You run the risk of structural damage to your home and the potential growth of black mold and other harmful bacteria. When water and mold damage your home or business establishment, immediately employing the services of The Cleanup Doctors can make a whole lot of difference in the restoration job.

Quick and Efficient Property Cleaning and Restoration in Folsom, CA

Start off by doing your own research, and looking into factors like service, pricing, workmanship guarantee, and certifications. You can easily book with our team because we offer affordable rates for our flood damage restoration services. You will only need to pay the price estimate that we will provide upfront. Choose a water damage repair company that has IICRC certification. We have high-powered pumps and state of the art vacuums, to name a few. Not only can mold exposure lead to severe long-term health problems; it can also cause permanent structural damage. The key to a successful water damage restoration in Folsom, CA is to find the right company for the job.

The Cleanup Doctors

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Why You Need Immediate Folsom, CA Water Damage Restoration Services

Most of the time, flooding is caused by broken water pipes, overflowing toilets, defective washing machines, roof leaks and natural calamity. Time is of the essence because the more you postpone the restoration services, the more damage it will cause. We use topnotch equipment. When mold sets it, it can spread to other areas in your home or office, giving off a stale smell and unsightly appearance. You need the professional services of The Cleanup Doctors for immediate Folsom, CA water damage restoration. We have the capability; our technicians are well-trained and we make sure that they continue to update their skills and knowledge. Before any flood damage restoration work is performed, the source of the leak needs to be fixed. After we completely seal your house from leaking water, we will proceed to the rest of the process like eliminating pores, removing contaminated items and restoring affected structures.

Effective Extraction Process on Water Damage Restoration in Folsom, CA

The contamination process involves us moving all personal items as well as furniture to a dry location. Hiring our team will be your best decision because we will guarantee 100% satisfaction for our all our Folsom, California water damage restoration services. Once the water is properly extracted, we move on to the structural drying stage. The building materials will have to be dried at this point. Before we perform any water damage restoration, we place all the salvaged items in a dry place. The first step to effective water damage restoration is the water extraction process. This is where we utilize our high power pumps and heavy duty vacuums to suck up the dirty water. We carefully select the items that are salvageable, and then properly dispose belongings that are beyond saving.

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Water removal and drying equipment

For Professional Water Extraction and Structural Drying Services in Folsom, California Call The Cleanup Doctors!

If mold removal is necessary, The Cleanup Doctors will take care of all your mold remediation requirements. Mold is not only a health threat; it can also leave a very stale odor to your property. The best companies have access to the best equipment, which includes moisture meters and industrial grade dryers. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment like industrial grade vacuums and dryers, and we employ tried and tested methods to effectively restore the beauty of your properties.

We will remove or extract water with our high-powered tools and equipment, all the while making sure that carpets and rugs are completely free of moisture. We can offer immediate remediation services to homeowners and commercial property owners. They damage your property and gives off a stale smell. Whatever caused the flooding in your area, rest assured that our Folsom, California team can assist you as quickly as possible.

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Mold does not require much to thrive. It needs moisture, a food source, a permeable surface, and air. With all the issues and complication of removing molds, you need a dependable and highly-professional team of experts. It is far too easy to make a bad situation worse by attempting to remove the mold yourself. Pests can be quite hard to detect because they propagate in hard-to-reach crevices. Safe and efficient mold remediation is our number one priority. Get in touch with us today by contacting us at 916-621-6510.

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