Have you been searching for the best professional mold removal company in South Gate? Are you currently experiencing a mold issue in your home or office, but you're not sure if it's dangerous? Or worse, do you know you have mold and you or your family members are suffering from respiratory issues? If yes, then you definitely need the service of a professional that you can trust. The Cleanup Doctors are the #1 rated mold remediation and water damage restoration company in Southern California. Our attention to detail and our years of experience promises that we get the job done, not only quickly, but thoroughly.

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Even if you can't actually see mold in your home, but you have a suspicion that it may be hidden behind walls or tiling, it would be smart to contact a professional removal company if you or any other members of the household display any combinations of the following symptoms:

  • Excessive sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Red skin or rashes
  • Watery or itchy eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Consistent headaches

Any combination of these issues could be a clear indication that you have a mold problem, especially in combination with the smell and/or sight of mildew. These symptoms should be taken very seriously, because they can result in longer-term or even chronic respiratory problems, especially for the elderly and young children.

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Mold needs moisture and some type of organic surface where it can feed, reproduce and grow. If the technicians you hire don't address the moisture issue at the source and fix it permanently, there's a very good chance the mold will come back again. The Cleanup Doctors are experts at finding out where the moisture is originating from, how bad the contamination event is, and then testing the mold with one or more of the following types of samples:                                             

Ο Air Quality Sample

This type of sample is usually captured by a spore trap or specialized air pump

Ο  Surface Sample

These are typically collected by a tape lift or swab sample

Ο  Bulk Sample

This is where we take a small bulk piece of affected building material, typically drywall

Once this initial sampling and testing phase has been completed, the contaminated area will have to be contained in order for the moisture eradication and remediation process to begin. Contaminated personal items and building materials will need to be removed in order to be disposed of properly, although in some cases, we can offer our content restoration service to help decontaminate and possibly salvage some of your most prized possessions, although there is no guarantee every item can be saved. Upon finishing the final stages of this process, the job site will be deep cleaned and HEPA vacuumed, in order to allow the final walk-through and inspection to take place.


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Though we hope you'll never have to consult our services, but if you've decided to take action and get a professional restoration company involved, The Cleanup Doctors are here to help. Water damage and mold are two situations where you don't want to underestimate the consequences, because they can get rapidly worse over time. The sooner you get help, the less expensive it will be, and the sooner you can get back to your normal routine.

With so many choices for certified mold removers, it's important that you narrow your search down to only those companies that have the proper resources. Sadly, independent contractors and handymen are under-equipped and typically less experienced, and this is one of those areas where you get what you pay for. Our expert technicians are standing by to take your call and get started in helping you. Don't delay!

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