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You may be having a tough time finding the right mold remediation expert in Lakewood, CA However, The Cleanup Doctors are unquestionably the exception. All of our skilled water damage restoration and mold remediation specialists are on standby, prepared to draw up a system and take action on getting rid of the contamination for good. Your free mold and water damage consultation is only a cell phone call away!

The Cleanup Doctors Only Work with The Best Caliber Professionals for Water Damage and Mold in Lakewood, CA

Our wide-ranging experience in the property restoration and cleanup profession is our best resource. Combined with having access to the most effective technology, it's easy to observe why we are the best mold remediation experts in the state.

When performing their task to assure the job is carried out at the highest level, our partners follow very strict guidelines Our associates adhere to very strict protocol when carrying out their property remediation services to guarantee the most optimum results.

Repairing some water damage

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Structural Drying and Air Cleaning

We offer a wide selection of services addressing fire, smoke and water damage along with mold contamination. That means you never have to select another contractor to take care of your property restoration needs. Don't wait any longer - call today to stop the mold dead in its tracks.

We Have a Broad Selection of Services for Water Damage and Mold Removal in Lakewood, CA

Time is crucial when you're facing a mold problem. Not taking immediate action will result in increased expenses and exposure to possible chronic health complications. If you or any person in your household begin to experience asthmatic problems in the presence of mold, get professional help quickly.

Getting The Cleanup Doctors involved immediately can help to solve your issues more cost-effectively. Right after we've assessed your scenario, we can draw up a system to get rid of the mold.

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Information is power when it pertains to coping with black mold contamination. Thus, let's cover some of the basic principles of mold.

An Intro to Black Mold Contamination

For starters, know that there are mold spores present in the atmosphere at all times. The four requirements that mold is in need of to develop and proliferate are: fresh air, ambiance, water source and organic surfaces to feed on.

To protect against dangerous mold in your property, you must manage moisture levels. This step is concern number one. As soon as you've identified the leak, it's time to repair the issue and then eliminate the moisture from the area.

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Let's walk through the mold removal and remediation process.

1.) Essentials of Moisture

Apart from obvious contamination on walls, much more exists to a comprehensive mold inspection. Mold tends to hide itself behind building materials as an undetectable intruder, where it is difficult to see. Anytime you have mold growth, you also have a moisture problem. Learning where the water is originating from is crucial to detecting all hidden mold.

2.) Record the Findings and Formulate the Game plan

Record your assessment by including composed word, video recordings, and images before starting the remediation procedures. A warranty team leader should then use shared recordings to design the remediation plan, which includes beginning and ending times, testing to be completed, which firm will be doing the work, and finally if the residents of the household have to be moved during the operations. The system serves to shield both the homeowner and the contractor that performs the job

3.) Calculate the Scope of the Contamination

Suitable thinking should similarly be used in ascertaining the square footage of mold damage, in addition to whether the mold is circulating in the HVAC system.

4.) Remediation Methods

This step entails cleaning and extracting all mold and polluted materials, while also assuring the security of those present throughout the procedure. We're likewise concentrated on dealing with the moisture problem so there is no fresh mold growth.

In the course of this step, we want to determine the square footage of the contaminated area so we understand which level of remediation is required. We will not enter into excessive detail, but there are a number of basic steps which will be followed in order to provide a successful remediation.

Incorporated in these actions are servicing the water leak that resulted in mold, restricting the contaminated locations, removing debris, and drying the area. If more mold is uncovered during the course of the removal process, the system needs to be updated.

Inspecting for water damage
Inspecting for mold contamination
A certified water damage technician

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We know how difficult it is to hire a reliable mold inspection and water damage repair business. Several crooked firms make their dollars from scamming the insurance companies, and even the homeowner. However, The Cleanup Doctors are all about assisting people and are here for the long run. Our main concern is how pleased our patrons are.

We understand that to accomplish that, we have to strive and do a good job. Bear in mind, the longer you hesitate to act, the worse yet the damage to your residence ends up being. With our track record for perfection and our focus on details, you don't need to worry about your issue any longer.

Flood damage issues don't have to be the giant headache for you like they are for most homeowners. When you have a company like us that you can trust, you can rest easy knowing that your problems will be taken care of in a timely and effective manner. 

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