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It can be quite difficult to choose a trusted mold removal company in your local area. The Cleanup Doctors, however, are the best selection for the task. We have the most well-trained technicians on standby available to inspect and analyze your specific mold removal scenario, and perform the job quickly and safely. Don't delay - call us now to receive a free inspection!

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Our several years of industry leading expertise gives us a notable advantage. Add to that our newest and most technologically advanced equipment, and you can see why we are the undisputed leaders for mold removal and mold remediation in the industry. Our technicians abide by very particular protocol when performing restoration work to guarantee the most satisfactory results. We offer several different services, from mold removal to water damage restoration. Hawthorne, CA is our home, so we are local just like yourself. Don't wait any longer - call today to stop the mold dead in its tracks!

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Time is very crucial when you're facing a mold issue. Not taking immediate action will result in increased costs and exposure to possible long-term health issues. The sooner you get The Cleanup Doctors involved, the faster they can solve your problems. Upon carrying out the free inspection, we will be able to put together a comprehensive initiative for eliminating and removing the mold once and for all.

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Knowledge is power when it comes to dealing with black mold contamination. That being said, we should review some of the important points of mold reproduction.

Black Mold Reproduction and Contamination 101

Firstly, know that there are mold spores present in the air at all times. Mold needs 4 elements in order to grow and spread: warmth, water, an organic surface, and oxygen. Let's discuss these 4 factors in more significant detail.

1.) Moisture

Water must be intruding somewhere for there to be mold generation. Many individuals think otherwise, most likely because they don't realize there is moisture intrusion.

2.) Oxygen

Stated simply, mold needs the presence of oxygen at all times in order to recreate.

3.) Warmth

Temperature levels that are warmer can lead to a more thriving environment for mold to grow. Always aim to keep humidity levels inside the house between 30-50%.

4.) Organic Surface

Good examples of surfaces where mold can penetrate and reproduce quickly are drywall and carpet.

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In order to keep mold from getting out of control, moisture levels most definitely must be supervised and kept as low as possible. This step is priority number one. Once you've detected the leak, it's time to deal with the issue and then remove the moisture from the area.

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What does the mold remediation procedure look like?

1.) Get Knowledgable About Moisture

Aside from obvious contamination on walls, much more exists to a complete mold inspection. Mold has a tendency to conceal itself behind building materials as a hidden trespasser, where it is tough to observe. It is vital to understand that behind all mold reproduction, there is a moisture problem. The key to knowing where all concealed mold hides is to first be aware of where the moisture is coming from.

2.) Document the Findings and Formulate the Plan

Document your assessment by including written word, video recordings, and images before commencing the remediation process. A warranty team leader should then use said recordings to develop the remediation plan, which includes beginning and end times, testing to be completed, which contractor will be doing the work, and lastly if the occupants of the home need to be relocated during the procedures. The plan serves to safeguard both the homeowner and the firm that performs the work.

3.) Calculate the Severity of the Contamination

Mold doesn't just confine itself to one area, so one must ascertain the level of contamination you're actually dealing with. Proper judgment must also be used in determining the square footage of mold damage, as well as whether the mold is circulating in the HVAC system.

4.) Remediation Operation

This is where all mold is removed and contaminated building material is discarded, while also making sure workers are not exposed to any harmful spores. Fixing the moisture that led to the mold growth is crucial in this step. During this step, we need to calculate the square footage of the contaminated area so we know which level of remediation is required.

Without going into too great a detail, there are several critical steps which will be followed in order to have a successful remediation. Included in these steps are fixing the leak that led to mold, confining the toxic spaces, eliminating debris, and drying the space. If more mold is uncovered during the remediation process, the plan needs to be modified.

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What About Health Issues Related To Mold?

If you have mold in your home, you should be extra cautious if anyone is experiencing some indicators of mold poisoning. Some of the symptoms include: Fever, nauseousness, respiratory system problems, sneezing, runny nose, etc. Typically, people just assume they have a cold or the flu. Because of hidden dangers, if you feel any of these symptoms while mold is in your home, seek the guidance of a medical professional right away. Do not be casual about this situation or assume that it is nothing to be worried about.

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We understand that finding a credible water damage and mold remediation company can be extremely difficult. There are a lot of companies that try to scam either the homeowner or the insurance company. The Cleanup Doctors are different, as we're in business to help people in the long run.

Our main concern is how happy our customers are. We realize that to achieve that, we have to work hard and do a good job. Time is of the essence. The longer you wait, the more serious the damage and the more costly the cleanup becomes. Because of our excellent reputation and unrivaled level of professionalism, your mold problem will be a thing of the past. Don't delay and call The Cleanup Doctors today!

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