How to Handle a Leaking Roof

When you spot that tell-tale drip of water coming down from your ceiling, it might be tempting to panic. But if you keep a clear head and follow the right steps, you’ll get it fixed in no time. Here’s a walkthrough of the steps you should take when you notice a roof leak. The Cleanup […]

Controlling Moisture to Prevent Mold Growth

It is inevitable that we live with mold in our home.  Even the most sterile environment has mold present in the air and attached to dust particles.  Mold, if allowed to get the upper hand, can cause suffering for people with allergies, asthma, and related breathing disease.  Allergic reactions to mold can be a serious […]

Repairing a Water Damaged Floor Surface

Wood floors are a fantastic choice for condo flooring. Not only do they appear suitable, they are easy to care for, resist damage and they are even environmentally friendly. Having said that, wooden flooring does have 1 draw back, it cannot resist long term direct exposure to water, so if h2o is permitted to stay on […]

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage in Carlsbad?

Insurance to cover water damage covers particular things and deny others. As a home owner in Carlsbad, CA, it is important to comprehend how homeowners insurance works and what your policy covers. Here are a couple of kinds of flood damage that home insurance generally taken cares of. 760-201-1259 Ice-covered Water pipes During the winter […]

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